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It’s been two months since we got the keys to our new building and woah … what a whirlwind.  David and I were so organized, having a day by day checklist of projects, purchases and tasks all leading up to our grand opening on May 15th.  For the first few days were were on track, but once we started getting into the bigger projects, everything started taking far more time than we had anticipated and the task list just kept getting longer and longer. There was a day we had to go to Home Depot five times.  Yeah … FIVE TIMES (fluorescent lights are the worst!). It didn’t take long to realize the May 15th date was a little optimistic.

And as we watched the 15th fly by, we realized we were going to have to push it back to June 1st.

I’m currently in the Geekhouse, now at the end of May, typing this and looking at the numerous tasks still to complete. June 1st ain’t gonna happen either. So after a long week of David taking vacation from his current job and working full time with me on the Geekhouse, we finally sat down and had a heart to heart.  There was anger, frustration and maybe even a little bit of desperation to just get it done and open. We could push through, cut corners, get things passable, leave the polish for later and be able to open by June 15th.  But neither of us felt like putting our passable foot forward was what we wanted for the Geekhouse. We have a vision for what the Geekhouse will be to us and our family and friends and anything less just isn’t acceptable. So we are pushing the opening date back again.

We could put a date on the grand opening once again, just to get frustrated every time we have to push it back, or, who the heck knows, it might all start to fall into place super quick and we are ready before an arbitrarily set date. So for now, we are just going to say, it will be done, when it’s done and when it’s done, it will be AWESOME. Every day it keeps looking cooler and cooler (nerdier and nerdier?).  The extra time we are taking to get the right products, the right arrangement of furniture, the right electronics, the right color scheme, the right art, ect. is going to pay off big time.

We’ve had more than a few people ask to come see the Geekhouse before it opens, but we’ve stood firm. No visitors, no photos, we want all of you guys to see the final product first.  Don’t worry, we will post progress photos after the grand opening, but for now you’ll just have to let the anticipation build.

Maddison is the only person to have seen any of the progress (other than a couple of electricians and maintenance dudes) and her 10 year old appraisals have been “exceeded my expectations,” and “so comfortable I just want to stay here all night,” and heartwarming “it’s weird for a kid to be proud of their parents, but I’m really proud of you guys!”