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The new Passports are here! The new Passports are here! Part scavenger hunt, part interactive bingo, and 100% fun. New experiences, fun with friends, prizes and more!


Visit the Geekhouse to purchase a Passport and to get all the details!

Score Card

Play the game and turn in a Gamagora Score Card with all the players’ names and scores.


Complete the task, visit the Geekhouse and answer a few questions


Take a selfie at the location. Both the location and your shining face need to be clearly visable.


Bring the ticket stub from the movie or play to the Geekhouse.

General Rules

  • You must be a Gamagora Geekhouse member to use a Passport.
  • ONE PASSPORT PER PERSON. No Exceptions. Two people cannot share a Passport. One person cannot have two registered Passports.
  • You must register your Passport with Gamagora Geekhouse prior to receiving any stamps.
  • Passports are non-transferrable, once a Passport has been registered, it must remain with that member.
  • Gamagora Geekhouse is not responsible for lost or damaged Passports.
  • We created the Passport program with one objective: to have fun! We chose the Passport items with fun and new experiences in mind.
  • Rules and prizes are subject to change.

Getting Started

  • When you get your Passport, make sure to fill out the first page with your info and signature. By signing, you agree to the rules and are prepared to get your geek on!
  • Your Passport does not replace your I.D. You must still have your I.D. to enter the Geek Lounge.
  • To register your Passport, bring your un-registered Passport and your I.D. to the Geekhouse, and we’ll take care of the rest!
  • We can only replace lost, stolen or mangled Passports that have been registered. Once registered, you can purchase a replacement at the Geekhouse. (Note: we can usually piece together stamp history with Score Cards, member history or other random ways, but it might take some time. Be patient and no guarantees!)
  • Gathering Stamps
    When you have completed a task, ask for a stamp at the front counter. Some tasks require a Score Card, ticket stub, a photo and/or a mini quiz. Any photos will need to be emailed to These will show up on Social Media and our website. Bragging rights for sure!
  • Specific details on the tasks can be found at the Geekhouse.
  • Stamps can only be received during normal business hours. No exceptions.

Prizes, Time Limits, Passport Items

  • Tasks can only be completed from June 1, 2019 to August 31, 2019. You must receive your stamps before close of business on August 31, 2019 for them to count.
  • Prizes will be announced throughout the Summer. Stay tuned!
  • Questions? Email us at