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Board Game Library

The Geekhouse game library has over 500 titles, including co-ops, strategy games, thematic games, party games and war games.  We are constantly adding new titles to the library, including expansions, deluxe editions, and Kickstarter Exclusives. 

We can always give suggestions based on player count and preferences and have a handful of games we can teach quickly and will always be available to help with rules clarification.  

Almost all of the games for sale in Retail, are available to try before you buy in the library.

Graphic Novel Library

The Geekhouse graphic novel library is full of both superhero and non-superhero bound stories. All of the Marvel titles are arranged in 616 chronological order, so you can join the adventure from the beginning.  We are constantly adding new titles and stocking our favorites in the Retail.

Drinks and Snacks

No gaming session is complete without drinks and snacks!  We stock plenty of snacks (chosen specifically to make the least mess on the games and graphic novels) with a self-serve system, so you keep track of everything you take on a score card and pay when you leave.  We also carry local beers, ciders and wine with seasonal flavors to keep it fresh!

Because we don’t carry “real food” (as if Pop Tarts aren’t real food …) and there are a lot of options right downtown, we encourage everyone to grab dinner or lunch at a local restaurant.  We do have in and out privileges with the cover charge, so if there is not a party waiting for your table, you are allowed to pause your game, grab dinner and come back with no additional charge.

Unfortunately, because of the messy-ness factor, we do not allow outside food or drink in the Geekhouse.

Become a Member

Becoming a member gets you access to the entire Geekhouse, the ability to book a table, reserve a spot in a hosted event and early bird access to sales.

You must physically come in to the Geekhouse to sign up, be 21 or older and have a valid government issued ID.  We collect some information from you (address, phone number, email and birthday) and scan the barcode on the back of your ID; this becomes your member ID.  There is a one time sign up fee of $42. This one time fee is waived if you are a current student and have a valid student ID.

Once you become a member, you can bring in your friends and family and we will waive their one time sign up fee.  The entry fee for members is $5/person per visit, with in and out privileges.

Hosted Events

The whole purpose of Gamagora Geekhouse is to create an awesome, geeky community, so we regularly host events at the Geekhouse.  We have learn to plays, where you can reserve a spot at a game, we will teach it and you get to play with new people.  We also have community events where an organization will present a game night and we will host.  These events are a ton of fun and give you the opportunity to meet new people!

Reserve a Table

With limited tables, we fill up quickly. If you know when you and your group are planning a game night, reserve a table below.  It’s terribly sad to have a full night of gaming ruined because you couldn’t get a table!

You must be a member to reserve a table.

So, make sure you stop by and sign up to become a member beforehand. Not all of your party needs to be members when you reserve, but they will all have to become a member before they are allowed in the members only area.

If you know what game you would like to play, let us know it the notes section and we will set it up beforehand.