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Games are the cornerstone of Gamagora Geekhouse, hence the Gam in Gamagora! Because the board game industry is constantly releasing new and amazing games, the titles we carry are specially curated to distill down to the newest and most loved, by us and our members. We strive to play each title and be able to speak to its merits. If we have to preorder a game before we can play it, we do as much research as we can on the specific game, the designer and the publisher.

We understand that not every game will tickle every gamer’s fancy, so we learn about the person or persons playing so we can make informed recommendations so everyone is happy and has fun, because fun is what games are all about!

Almost every game we have for sale, we also have in our Geekhouse Board Game Library, so we can pull out a game, open it up, show off the components and even run through some of them.

Because we have limited space for our retail, if there is a specific title you are looking for but we don’t carry it, you can always special order it through us!

Graphic Novels

Stories have always captured our imaginations and some of the best stories told are found in graphic novels. At Gamagora, we stock our favorite graphic novels in hopes others will enjoy the stories and art.  Every graphic novel we carry for sale, we also have in the Graphic Novel Library so you can get a sneak peak inside before you buy.

Role Playing Games

The recent resurgence of RPGs has brought it in to the geeky mainstream.  At Gamagora, we carry guides, miniatures, maps and starter boxes.


Putting together a puzzle is one of those relaxing activities that we enjoy especially in rainy Oregon.  Of course, the puzzles we carry at Gamagora are geeky and beautiful and can end up as a piece of art!

Magnets and Posters

There is nothing better than being able to proudly display your fandoms. Our magnets and posters are hand picked for quality and sheer awesomeness. The art on both is fun and different from what is found on big box store products. All of our posters are bagged and boarded for safe transportation and ease of imagining it up on your wall! So whether your favorite IP is Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, or Goonies, we’ve got you covered.


At Gamagora, we carry tasteful geeky jewelry including: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and hair accessories.